Poppy & Posie's Color Crossword

Now that Blossom Town is no longer gray, Poppy and Posie have a lot of new colors to learn about! Your little one can learn about colors with them with this fun crossword activity.

Learn colors and develop reasoning skills!

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Supplies Needed

    1. Printed out copy of the activity sheet.
    2. Writing utensils.


    1. Read the clues listed on the bottom of the sheet.
    2. Begin guessing which colors each sentence could be completed by and start filling in the crossword.

Learning Goals

The crossword will help Blossom Buddies develop an understanding of different colors and how to spell them in connection with the story of The Blossom Shoppe.

Share photos of your finished crafts and DIYs with Poppy and Posie by sending a message to their blossom mailbox!