Poppy & Posie's Songwriting Activity

In Poppy & Posie's song, "Family, Friends, and Flowers", the Blossom Sisters celebrate their favorite things. In this activity, children will be empowered to write a song of their own that speaks to what brings them joy.

Family, Friends, Flowers, and YOUR Favorite Things!

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Supplies Needed

    1. Printed out copy of the activity sheet.
    2. Writing utensils.


    1. Reflect on your favorite things.
    2. Write your favorite things down into Poppy & Posie's original song lyrics.
    3. Bring your new lyrics to life by drawing yourself surrounded by all of your favorite things in the frame on the bottom of the activity.

Learning Goals

Poppy & Posie's songwriting activity targets a number of learning goals including vocabulary development, writing skills, musical understanding/appreciation, and gratitude.

Share photos of your finished crafts and DIYs with Poppy and Posie by sending a message to their blossom mailbox!