Poppy & Posie's Environmentally-Friendly Checklist Activity

As the proud owners of a flower shop, Poppy & Posie know that there are few things more important than taking care of the wonderful, colorful world around us. Your little one can make the world an even more wonderful, colorful place by incorporating the following fun, eco-friendly tasks into your routine. Complete and check off independently, or even better, team up with family and friends to care for our environment.

Make the world a more wonderful, colorful place with Poppy & Posie!

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Supplies Needed

    1. Printed out copy of the activity sheet.
    2. Writing utensils.
    3. A passion for caring for the earth!


    1. Print out a copy of the checklist.
    2. Everyday, make an effort to do at least one of the activities on the sheet, checking each one off as you go.
    3. After you complete the checklist, try to continue making each activity a part of your family's routine.

Learning Goals

On top of nurturing a love of the environment in little ones, this activity is specially designed to give children the confidence to make a meaningful difference through caring for our planet.

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