Compare and Contrast Game

Poppy & Posie begin their story completely gray from head to toe. However, along their journey they make a very colorful transformation. Now it's your turn to do the same!

Let your little one's imagination run free with this creativity-inspiring printable!

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Supplies Needed

    1. Printed out copy of the activity sheet.
    2. Writing utensils.
    3. And lots of imagination!
    4. (Optional) A copy of "The Blossom Shoppe" for inspiration.


    1. Taking inspiration from "The Blossom Shoppe" encourage your child to image what they would look like in a completely gray town.
    2. Under the "Beginning" column, have your child draw what they imagine.
    3. Then, have your child think about what they look like in their wonderful, colorful world. Have them draw what they imagine under the "End" column.
    4. Flip the page and write down the similarities and differences together.

Learning Goals

Your child will build their imagination and critical thinking skills through this fun printable activity. Used in conjunction with "The Blossom Shoppe," it will encourage them to critically analyze stories and make real-world connections to literature.

Share photos of your finished crafts and DIYs with Poppy and Posie by sending a message to their blossom mailbox!