Forever Flowers

Grow your own Forever Flowers collection just like Poppy and Posie by tightly enclosing flowers given to you by loved ones into your school notebook on the first day of school each and every year! Your flowers will dry within your notebook, allowing them to last a very long time. That is why these flowers are called, Forever Flowers! 

As you carry your notebook in your backpack or in your arms throughout the school day, you will always know that the flowers, as well as the very special people that gave them to you, are with you. Having and holding these flowers filled with love will give you a sense of comfort throughout the entire day!

A special tradition for the first day of school!

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Supplies Needed

1. Printed out copy of activity


(Download the activity for the full list of instructions!)

Learning Goals

Poppy & Posie's Forever Flowers activity is designed to make children feel confident and calm during times of change.

Share photos of your finished crafts and DIYs with Poppy and Posie by sending a message to their blossom mailbox!