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"We are happy to award deserving books like 'The Blossom Shoppe'. Our panel of judges really felt this heartwarming book merited a place on our list of the best in family-friendly products that parents and educators can feel confident in using.” 


-Dawn Matheson, CEO, Mom’s Choice Awards


"We are The Blossom Company fans! "The Blossom Shoppe" is absolutely darling--the story and illustrations are magical! Twin sisters use creative problem solving to save the family business all while learning to be true to themselves."


 -Emily W., Red Poppy Reading Reviews


"This beautifully illustrated book takes you inside a tale of modern fairytale - a tale of empowering female heroines who band together to bring out the inspiring true colors in each other and the world around them. Even the black and white illustrations at the beginning of the story, though lacking color, draw your attention and keep you actively scanning the pages for details and soaking up the expressions on the characters’ faces. Plus, the grey images give your imagination room to soar across the page, and fill in the colors in your minds’ eye. Slowly, color is introduced into the story, as Poppy and Posie find a way to spread the love and beauty of color and flowers throughout their gray, dreary town.  Children will delight in the gradual, seemingly magical appearance of colors the pages~ all building up to a grand spread of rainbow, cheer, and delight at the end as colorful flowers brighten up the town of gray. The text weaves a story of acceptance, perseverance, and hard work throughout the illustrations on the pages, Join Poppy and Posie on their unforgettable journey to bring flowers, color, and creativity into the world around them." 


- Maya Espiritu, MaiStoryBook



"'The Blossom Shoppe' is a creative, empowering, and heartwarming story about two young girls' determination and hard work. These two girls helped turn a town from being closed minded, resistant, and stubborn into one that became accepting, supportive, and full of color! It is beautifully written and illustrated and will be perfect for any home or classroom!"


-Leah T., A Story A Day Reviews



"'The Blossom Shoppe,' written by Katherine & Caroline Brickley and illustrated by Joanie Stone, is a 2017 release picture book about a couple of girls (redheads!) living in a gray little town. When their mother's flower shop is in danger of closing down, the girls go into action to save their dream. Besides being gingers, which we're obviously big fans of, Poppy and Posie are great role models who exhibit hard work and determination--and it pays off in the most colorful of ways. 

With black & white illustrations that transition into gorgeous color, this book had Isla totally captivated. In her own words: "I like when the flowers got all sparkly and pink! I LIKED that part!" 

My favorite part is that the authors of this book are TWENTY ONE years old! I mean seriously, I love a good behind-the-scenes story, and I'm just immensely impressed by that fact."


- Kaylen, Ginger Fox Stylings 



 "A whimsically delightful story about twin sisters Poppy and Posie and their efforts to save their flower shop in a town that is grey and lacks creativity. Throughout their journey they learn the power of determination and that by being yourself you not only empower yourself, but can bring "color" and inspiration to those around you. I love the darling illustrations and how throughout the story they slowly gain more color to reflect the change in the town and I love its uplifting nature. It is most definitely one worth looking up!"


- Clarissa, Book Nerd Mommy 



"I just finished reading 'The Blossom Shoppe' with my son, Jaiden! It was an absolutely amazing story! It was a very magical and fairytale-like story! I love the rich vocabulary for the kids. I'm sure our students will love the story as well! Thanks for the note you sent Jaiden!"


-Maritza, Kindergarten Teacher



"'The Blossom Shoppe' is our new favorite book!"


-Ann Grace Collections



"'The Blossom Shoppe' is a sweet little story of family coming together, using their creativity, working hard, and showing everyone what a beautiful, colorful world we live in! I can't wait to share this with my students and show them they can always fight for what they believe in and always let their true colors shine! I must also say what an amazing job Joanie Stone did on the gorgeous illustrations for this book! I not only read the words in this book many times, but just sat and flipped through the pages to look at all of the beautiful pictures over and over! I definitely recommend this book, it is absolutely blossom!"


-Mrs. Mounce, K-6 Librarian and book reviewer



"I want [my daughters] to know they can do it all with hard work & hope that they embrace their uniqueness because it’s one of the things that makes them so special. Finding books that relay positive messages to little girls is always something I’m in search for. “The Blossom Shoppe “is about two red headed sisters who learn that with heart, determination and being yourself you can bring inspiration to everyone around you. This The Blossom Company book is their current favorite and they fight (surprise) over who is going to be which character."


-Karissa, A Little J + K



“Poppy and Posie live in a town where everything is gray. They are full of life, but everyone in town is drab and boring. In order to save their Mom's flower shop, they decide to plant a flower with magical seeds. As the flower begins to grow, the twins start to transform into color! This book transitions from gray to full on, fantastic color as this town has a BIG change. We absolutely loved this book! When the town turns to color, my daughter was looking all over the pages trying to see every little detail.”


- Dream Reader Kids Reviews



"Full of love, dreams, and color on every page and in every illustration. "The Blossom Shoppe" is truly a heartwarming book."


-Carmen X., ARC Reviewer



"This is a wonderful book about how small seeds and believing in miracles can change a town. This book also teaches that it is OK to be unique and stand out. The story line is captivating - I kept turning pages over to see what happens next. Illustrations are gorgeous and they evolve to keep up with the changes in the story line."


-Anna G., ARC Reviewer (Goodreads)



"I was moved by the story and the powerful message it conveys: having the courage to be different through one's true colors. The colors in this book are fantastic. I love the twin sisters Poppy and Posie and the authors, Katherine and Caroline, too!"


-Lola T., ARC Reviewer



"I am so lucky to be one of the first people to read this book. It is really a fantastic book and I was very impressed and moved by the heartwarming story and lovely illustrations. When I told this to my little boy at bedtime who is 3.5 years old, he said, 'Mom, it's really amazing! I want to plant a seed in our flowerpot tomorrow morning when I get up.'"


-Jorlin Z., ARC Reviewer



"I love the uplifting story about people encouraging others, turning a mundane gray life into one of vibrant color. Thanks, we all need more color in our lives!"


-Philip P., Reader Review



""The Blossom Shoppe" is very well written and characterized by the magical artwork on every page, which helps tell a beautiful story about two special sisters who are determined to save their family flower shop from being closed.  It is a superb book for children of all ages and each page makes you want to turn it to see the next!" 


- Thea K., Reader Review  



"A fabulous new children’s book. Ensure your children, nieces and nephews have at least one great children’s book that promotes creativity, understanding and courage (with characters Poppy and Posie serving as positive role models for children)."


-Alan M., Reader Review



"My daughter absolutely loved this book! We were so excited with anticipation for the release of this book and it did not disappoint. It's a wonderful story with beautiful illustrations. This book is a great addition to our personal library."


- Anne E., Reader Review



"BLOSSOM! "The Blossom Shoppe" is a wonderful book. Not only are the illustrations beautiful, but the story itself is amazing. Thank you so much!"


-Lauren S., Reader Review



"'The Blossom Shoppe' is a spring MUST HAVE! The cover drew me in, but when I started reading it I was blooming with excitement. Meet two sisters who see the world for the good, but live in a town of gray minded people. The girls want to celebrate blossoming ideas. They work together to show the town that when you plant seeds and watch them grow anything is possible. I am going to read this book the Monday when I go back from spring break and talk about having a positive attitude for the next two months of school. There is no success in complaining, but if you look for the good the flowers will bloom. The Blossom Company, I LOVE your book so much! Really truly a magical read to #openthemagic."

- Courtney Hinshaw, 5th grade teacher & founder of Ramona Recommends


“‘The Blossom Shoppe’ is a book that sits proudly on the center shelf in Noah’s room, and we have been talking about the lessons of the book all week. I wanted to show Noah that even though his hand is small just like a flower seed it can make something big and beautiful. Not only can you make something beautiful but with heart, hard work, and belief, you can make a difference just like Poppy and Posie.”


- Melissa, @growingupgwyther


"'The Blossom Shoppe' is beautifully written and the illustrations are so lovely and whimsical. This is sure to become a classic. We look forward to reading more adventures of the Blossom sisters!" 

- Brenda Smith, ELLI Manager at the Stepping Stones Museum for children